Hello in 2017. Hope you’re ok.

From now on, it’s going to be something else here. Lately I’ve been thinking about things I’m trying to find and the time I’m trying to find to make it happen, so I will just be throwing these blurbs here. Hello. Back again. Watch this space on Sundays.


Image credit goes to Hüsker Dü as their music & story inspired me to start writing again.

Thank you, see you soon.



hello. this Saturday there will be a talk at PEER Gallery that accompanies the Animation exhibition where my work is shown along with the films by Margaret Salmon, Savinder Bual and Kota Ezawa.

the films are being shown at the gallery windows, Wednesday to Saturday, between 3pm and 8 pm. this is the time-lapse video by Chris Dorley-Brown taken in February 2014 showinghow it looks like on Hoxton Street during the time the films are shown:

It’s going to be the final week of the “Out of Site” exhibition which feature works commissioned by Animate Projects. for more details click here or here and to book-in for the talk click here

also, all the films can be viewed online on Animate Projects vimeo channel

once again, many thanks for coming to the private view earlier in January thanks for stopping by and watching and thanks to Animate Projects, PEER Gallery and Arts Council England for the opportunity to create this work. Please visit Animate Projects website to see the film, featuring the music composed and performed by Zuzia Ziółkowska.