Monthly Archives: December 2011

good morning. I still cannot really work in front of the screen so there won’t be much text in here, sorry about that.

This is a drawing I made last Sunday. I needed to draw something. I remember that it made me feel better. And also, this week I had a couple of conversations that were very inspiring and really helped me to start thinking about getting over something. It’s difficult but it’s going to be ok. So I wanted to say thank you.

See you in new year, next year. Have a good Christmas! Bye.


2009 was a strange year. A lot of stuff happened and a lot of stuff did not happen. I had a break from drawing and thinking about making any drawings and then it was 2010 and things got better. Oh, ok,  this may sound a bit cheesy but I think that it can be good to have a chance to start over sometimes. I am an incredibly lucky person.

These pictures were taken in the garden of the flat in which I used to live last year, and in my lovely room then. I know they can be out of focus and not in a particular good quality, so, sorry about this.

Anyway, these are life drawings, memory drawings, drawings from films and many drawings in general. Ok, see you soon, bye.