velocity updates


guess what, it’s July, haha.

I think I haven’t been writing much about where velocity was screened over last 2 months and what was happening at all, so, here where it was screened:

In May:

Backup Festival, International Programme of “Backup Award”, Weimar, Germany

The inaugural ArtLacuna Festival, London, UK

NW Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, United States

International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Santiago, Chile

In June:

it was screened at Vienna Independent Shorts where I got an award for the best female director, and although I could not be there I tried to send a proof of myself being really happy about it and banging my head to the beat of Wire’s “map ref. 41°n 93°w”. Yeah it made me feel very happy. Thank you VIS, it’s a very important award for me. Thank you.sorry

VIS_Logo_Winner_2013 (1)


And yeah,

“Velocity” will be screened at “New Horizons” / “Nowe Horyzonty” film festival in Wroclaw, Poland later this month.

hey hey, na na na, hey hey hey.



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