Hello, hope you’re well.

I like to draw. I like to think that I can be able slow things down.

Most of the time I am running like an idiot. It’s weird because I really like to stare at things, especially when nothing is going on. I think It’s really fascinating.

Nice to meet you. Hope to see you soon.


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  1. Hello Karolina,

    I discover your work through vimeo.
    Since 2008 I’m involved in a project called La Vidéothèque Nomade powered by the belgian non-profit structure 68 Septante (cf http://www.6870.be)
    La Vidéothèque Nomade is based in Brussels, aspires to encourage screening and promotion of contemporary video/film creations through establishing a catalogue/collection.
    La Vidéothèque que Nomade is dedicated to short films (less of 30 minutes) and includes works from Belgium and abroad.
    La Vidéothèque Nomade is an eclectic collection of film including animations, artist film, dance videos, documentaries, experimental films, music videos, video art and some fictions.
    Because it is a nomadic project, the meetings take place in unusual spaces as apartment, book store, gardens or public spaces, but also in more traditional locations as cinemas, cultural center, galleries…

    Films from La Vidéothèque Nomade are offers from 3 different ways to the public:
    – “A la carte” (on demand), so our collection is proposed in its entirety. The events takes place during a few hours and films are available for consultation on TV set (Monitor + DVD player + 4 headphones).
    All the sessions “à la carte” are accompanied by a videokeeper which knows perfectly films and can guide the public in his choices.
    – Through screening (with theme or not), then, a selection of films is then presented to the public, often accompanied by talks with artists.
    – Through workshops of viewing and programming films as our Court-Bouillon workshops (developped since 3 years with another structure L’Autre “lieu” – RAPA). By watching films together, and by speaking of these after we try to (re)create links between people. After several workshops session we organise a public screening we allowed to the worshop users to present their choices to a new audience.
    The workshops are intended particularly to fragile public (prisoners, mental health…)

    This 3 ways of “practice” films together create collective and social screenings, and facilitate the circulation of works.
    They open spaces to discover, think, meet and discuss.

    From a more administrative point of view artist, producer or distributor are linked with our structure by a mandate (non commercial and non exclusive) which propose a symbolic fee from €15 to €100 depending on the number of screening (projection) of the film per year (cf the mandate attached).
    Clearly it is not a lucrative project either for the artists or for our structure.
    It is simply a means to allow films to continue to be watch by other public.
    We do not compete with the festivals but are very complementary in our action of screening films.

    So, within this framework we are interested to include your work “CAROUSELS”, “SILA”, “THE SLIP”, “VELOCITY” (for this film is an english transciption exist?) and “SPOOK” in the catalogue of La Vidéothèque Nomade.
    Do you think you should be interested?

    If yes, here are the stuff we need to write the mandate our website and our archives :
    For the mandate
    – your official address
    – your bank account number (IBAN and BIC/swift)

    For our web site, the author and films forms + film archives
    – a synopsis + a technical/artistic description + list of awards you won may be… (in english and in french) for each film
    – 5 or more images for each film (it will be great in a good resolution as 300 dpi)
    – the “gender(s)” of for each among those we propose : animation, artist film, dance film, documentary, experimental, music video, video art or fiction.
    If needed you can chose several “gender”.
    – some keywords for the research space on our website for each film
    – your filmography with years of production of each film
    – a photography of you (or a picture)
    – an Apple Pro Res 422 HQ or LT file / 1920x1080p 23.976i/s or 1920x1080p 24i/s or 1920x1080p 25i/s or 1920×1080 50i/s, or a file in H264 1920x1080p (rate min. 20mb/s, recommended 30mb/s) or 1920x1080p 23.976 i/s, or 1920x1080p 24i/s, or 1920x1080p 25i/s or 1920×1080 50i/s.

    In the pleasure to read you soon.

    Best regards.

    Philippe Le Fresne
    Pour 68 Septante asbl
    La Vidéothèque Nomade

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